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What is exuva?

Exuva connects and equips the world with the
ability to ship and receive parcels using travelers.


Traditional parcel process

This infographic shows the time & steps taken for your order
be sent using traditional parcel delivery.



Sender drop-off parcel and payment at Parcel Service location.


Parcel Drop-off

Parcel Service drop-off at distribution center.



Delivery from distribution center to airport.



Package sent in an international flight.


Another Drop-off

Parcel service drop-off at distribution center.



Courier drop-off parcel at Receiver location.

Time Consumed

10 to 20
Business days
How exuva works

Exuva's delivery process

Using Exuva is a three
step process.


Sender drop-off

Sender drop-off parcel and Exuva app payment at departure airport.



Traveler takes the parcel on his flight.



Traveler drop-off to Receiver at arrival airport.

Time Consumed

1 to 2
Business days
Why choose exuva?

Why is exuva better?


Removing traditional logistics infrastructure allows for a major discount in the cost of parcel deliveries.


Exuva finds travelers flying as early as the same day to allow delivery time comparable to first class shipment.


Exuva app allows for transactions to be made with a few swipes and clicks; minimal intrusion.

Meet the team

Meet the team

The Exuva team consists of designers and marketers who are passionate
about impacting the way we look at delivery logistics.

Stephen Young Founder Creative Designer

Steve is the founder of Exuva and oversees the development of the company. With a degree in Digital Arts and Design from Cogswell College, Steve brings experience as a writer and designer from various semiconductor companies. He found the idea for Exuva when his wife started sending and receiving items for friends and family back in China, but became frustrated when her network of influence couldn’t meet the demand of parcel delivery volume.

Eric Liu Developer, Software Engineer

Eric is a software engineer and works on the back-end development of Exuva. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and brings software development experience from Oracle. He believes that Exuva’s mission could provide a new way for people to connect despite being thousands of miles apart.

Victor Fang Evangelist, Marketing

As someone that frequently mails parcels to friends and family overseas, Victor is mind-blown (in a bad way) at the cost of traditional postage. He is excited about Exuva because of the easy, cost-effective way for senders to get parcels quick. Victor holds a degree in Economics and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

Youssef Salah UI Designer and Developer

Youssef is a web designer who oversees the front-end design and development of Exuva. Hailing from Egypt, he is the only international member of Exuva’s core team and has experience from two other startups.

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